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Studio Internships

The myth of studio internships

We get asked regularly from hopeful engineers if we do internships.  For anyone reading this who isn't familiar with studio internships, here is a brief explanation. A studio intern is someone who works for free at a studio as a "gofor".  Their job requirements are, don't talk to clients, clean, get coffee and pay attention. Gradually they can build trust and do more and more in the studio.  Eventually, they earn themselves a job or build their talent to the point they can branch out on their own.  Smith Music does not do internships the traditional way.  

Smith Music Interships

What most hopeful engineers don't understand is that an inexperienced intern is a huge risk for the studio.  Beyond the obvious reasons of trust etc. interns could say the wrong thing to a client, break VERY expensive equipment, destroy a good recording take for a client that is paying by the hour.  Having a green intern on the job makes the job take longer for the engineer than if the engineer was working alone. Interns are a huge investment in time to train.  If you want a studio to decide you are worth the risk and time investment, you'll need to prove it. 


There are three ways an inexperienced engineer may eventually earn a job in the studio at Smith Music.


1.  Smith Music does a large amount of volunteer service each year as a way of giving back to the community.  You can join us in one of our volunteer efforts volunteering right beside us at events and community festivals.  There is no better way to test someone's work ethic and people skills than working with them as a volunteer.  The difference with us is that you work alongside us as volunteers, not for us as servants.  If it doesn't work out, the community still benefits. 


2.  Book a recording client.  If you can sell studio time, you probably have what it takes to be in the music business.  Depending on your skill level, you can assist one of our engineers and learn from them as you work.  You will be paid for the portion of work you are capable of doing on the projects you book.  


3.  We are always looking for bright and innovative people. You can come up with another new and inventive way we haven't thought of yet. Send us your pitch on how you think you can earn an internship and we will listen

Internships are not the only way to gain experience in the studio!

We have many ways of teaching live sound, studio recording and music business and career planning.  Inquire on our inquire about lessons page to learn more.  

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