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Recording at Smith Music

In 2017 our recording studio was renovated to create a huge live performing/recording space with vintage analogue and digital equipment. The venue allows local and regional musicians to thrive, allowing them the space to achieve their music dreams.  

Our music studio is attracting more acclaimed sound engineers to collaborate with our clients, giving local artists an edge. Book a time and get your new music radio ready. 

Basic Rates:


Studio and Head Engineer: $175/hr or $1400/day (9 hr)

Studio and Jr Engineer:

$70/hr or $560/day (9 hr)

Studio and Student Engineer: $15-$30/hr

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Why we wanted such a big recording room

Once upon a time (in the 1950s and 60s) large recording studios were everywhere. But as digital recording became more common, spaces shrunk, and something great was lost in transition.


A big space allows bands to set up, perform, and record together. This approach helps your budget and creates an authentic sound.

Acoustically treated environment and vintage equipment

Prior to our renovation, we consulted renowned acoustic expert Ethan Winer. The result is a suite of vintage equipment, including a decommissioned console from a radio station in Las Vegas and a reel-to-reel cassette recorder once used by CBC Edmonton.

The outcome is unmatched. The control room ensures that your sound is consistent in studio, car, or home. With our vast live room and our many mobile sound absorbers, you can create a sonic tone with as much or as little room ambiance as you wish.  

Merge your home studio with ours

In this day and age, many people have home studios but want to improve their recording results. Your studio and ours can collaborate. Working together we will integrate your home recordings into our professional studio. Your songs will sound studio made without studio costs.  

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