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Music Studio Pricing and Booking

Our studio is charged on a per hour basis at $175hr. Clients require our studio for commercial and personal projects, such as album recordings, radio advertisements, and voice overs. Below are some examples that demonstrate the length of projects. 

Pricing Guidelines

To estimate how many studio hours you require need, here are some guidelines.



  • An average radio-ready song takes approximately 21 hours or $3,675

Advertisements (radio, internet)

  • A 30 second spot with an approved script is approximately 2.5 hours or $437.50

VOICE OVERS (audio books, video)

  • A finished voice over minute is about one studio hour ($175)



Mastering starts with a flat fee of $150 USD per song. Not all projects need mastering. 


Head Engineer $175/hr

Typically booked for radio releases, television and corporate projects.

With our head engineer (Paul Smith),you get full access to all studio gear and instruments. You will be working with our most experienced engineer (30 years), and your project gets priority in our schedule.


Junior Engineer $70/hr

Typically booked for demos, small and medium business projects.

Smith Music has several junior engineers, and we will find the one that fits your project. You will still get full access to all studio gear and instruments, and the junior engineer will be supervised by a senior engineer. 

Student Engineer $15-30/hr

Typically booked for community projects and tight budgets.

Smith Music is also a teaching school.  We have engineering students that are looking for work experience. What they lack in experience they will make up for in enthusiasm. If you want a fun and decent recording without big studio expense, this option is the perfect way to go. Student engineers have access to most of the studio instruments and gear.  


Q- Can you tell me more about your head engineer?

A- Yes! Please click here to learn more about Paul Smith. 

Q- How much will my project cost?

A- To give you an accurate estimate you will need to fill out our "inquire about booking studio time" form and set up an interview.  Each project is very different and therefore pricing is very different.  

Q- I don't have musicians to record with.  Do you have musicians that can record with me?

A- Yes!  We have access to world-class professional musicians on virtually every instrument. 

Q- Can a junior engineer record a project that is radio ready?

A- No.  For any radio-ready project, you need experience. Your brand depends on it.  ​

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