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Creating Video at Smith Music

We are excited to add video to the list of services we offer.  We have been doing six camera, live video on big screens at concerts for a decade, and have been doing sound for video even longer than that. As we started developing our own "Pro Musician Life" video series, our experience, and the quality we produced, increased until our colleagues noticed and started asking us to produce videos for them too. 


We may never shoot the next Star Wars in our studio, but we and our equipment are fully capable of handling corporate, event advertising, and training videos. Steven Spielberg was quoted as saying that "99% of great video is audio," and we have been passionate about audio for over 30 years.  Now we are passionate about video too. 

Why a recording studio is an ideal place to record video

Our 2500 square foot studio is multi-functional.  It is quiet, acoustically treated and big enough to set up for any indoor shoot you may need. From an audio perspective, you will achieve radio and television quality and then some. 


Special bonus:  We are musicians first, meaning we can easily write and record any music and sound effects (foley) you need for your project. That means you are not stuck with the same bland royalty free music your competition has in their videos.

Coaching performances fromnon-actors

Working with your team to create the messaging and feel you want for your video project is top priority.  One of the hardest things about video for smaller organizations is that usually the person delivering the message is not a paid actor. They are not used to looking into a camera, having bright lights shining on them, and delivering memorized or teleprompted words naturally.  We've been teaching students how to perform on stage for decades. Our relaxed environment and skill at coaxing and capturing performances will help you deliver your message in a clear and competent way. 

Location shoots

We can come to your location to record if that is what you need.  Our 'audio for video' rig far surpasses our competition because we are used to recording audio for major live concerts.  Audio for video is a snap for us - even in a noisy location.  

Our network of talent

Over the years we have had videographers rent our space for numerous types of video shoots, so today our 'competitors' are actually also our good friends and colleagues. They shoot high budget video projects for which we handle audio. While working with them, we realized there was a market among smaller businesses and community organizations for small and medium budget projects, and so launched our own video services to meet that need. But when advanced expertise is called for on part of a certain project, we know the right people and can bring them in just for the hard parts. That way, we can save you money and still bring the right level of expertise to your project.

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