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Studio Terms and Conditions


We take pride in our ability to give accurate estimates so that you don't get a surprise at the end of the project.  Some things are unpredictable.  For example, If you are having a tough time getting your lines right you might get it in 3 takes or you might get it in 30 takes.  Typically, this evens out over the scope of the project.  We will have a project plan in place so that you can know if you are meeting planned targets on schedule.  If the scope of the project changes midway or you are having trouble meeting milestones in the project we will adjust the estimate and project with you to keep it on track.  


On multi-day projects, Fifty percent of the overall estimate is due to reserve the studio time.  Twenty-five percent is due when you come in to review the first draft of your video/s.  The remaining twenty-five percent is due when the final product is released. 



Rough Drafts- In the rare event that a rough draft is released from the studio, rendering and uploading is considered extra time on a project.  ​

Arriving late for a session

We arrive early to make sure everything is set and ready for your shoot to get you going as quickly as possible.  If you or any of the team you've booked arrive late and it holds up the project the hourly rate will be applied and charged out on the quarter hour. Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can get you settled in. 

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