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Live Event Management

With more than a decade's worth of experience running major festivals, large corporate events and concerts in Canada and the United States, we understand the hard work, planning, and time it takes to make an event a success. Our role in your event is to ensure infrastructure and logistics are in place.


We can be turnkey - ie, coordinate everything from the decorating and cleaning teams to setting up a green room for live acts - or run specific parts of your event.  We can book major touring acts or the best local entertainers.  We provide production (lighting, sound, video) for events no matter what size. We can coordinate stage/s to minimize "dead air" and maintain the professionalism of your event.  We can make sure press has their tech needs met as well as help with layout and make sure needed permits are in place. We project manage setup and tear down to ensure your staff or volunteers are attending to guests and not chasing lost or forgotten action items.  



Things going wrong is just the nature of live events ... if disaster strikes, you want a team that will dig in and bail you out - no matter what happens


When we are on a project what you don't see is as important as what you do. We keep events spotless.  We have backup systems to save the show if there are technical failures. We coordinate seamless emcee and stage entertainment transitions. We work safely with staff trained on all equipment and are capable of assisting with fire and evacuation protocols. 


If you need something for your event, chances are we can find it. And with our years in the industry, we have rescued many shows from certain disaster (see stories in the sidebar). Things going wrong is just the nature of live events - so when you want a trouble-free live event, you want experienced people that can mitigate most problems before they happen.


And when disaster strikes you want a team that will dig in and bail you out. No matter what happens.  That team is Smith Music.

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What are we like to work with?

If Olivia Pope* hosted an event, she would call us. 

Here are some fun examples of things clients overlooked or show-stopping disasters that we helped rescue:  

So who's driving? 

Eight major touring acts discovered last minute they had no ground transportation for a weekend event. We arranged vehicles and a six-person driving team within two hours.

Shouldn't there be cake? 

Someone forgot to order cake for 200 guests. Sourced and delivered in 20 minutes.

Did he just say what I think he said? 

Emcees typically like to control their wireless mics but sometimes confuse on with off. Quick action by our sound technicians has averted many an embarrassing situation.

Wait, who's cleaning all this up?

The clean-up team for a 500 person event did not show. Solved and clean in 4 hours.

Our chauffeur is where?

He was drunk and the limo was impounded. Solved in 30 minutes.

Can you pull some strings? 

A client wanted tickets to a sold-out show in Vegas (that we weren't running) for some of his best customers. We arranged free front row tickets and backstage passes waiting for them at the gate.


* from the series Scandal, for those of you who don't watch enough TV.

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