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Smith Consulting’s approach to digital marketing typically starts with a three phase report.  The goal of the report is to evaluate existing assets the stakeholder has that can contribute positively to a digital marketing campaign.  The report also outlines under utilized strengths, threats and barriers that exist within the stakeholders digitial systems.


Getting Stakeholders In Control


Digital marketing has a unique strength which is often problematic for stakeholders.  Digital marketing, by nature, performs best when the audience feels like they “get to know you”.


Audiences have become very sophisticated and typically avoid overly slick and polished campaigns.  This means organizations need to take control of thier digital marketing, be authentic, and function in a very timely manner.  The skill sets needed for digital marketing include, analytics strategies, SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies, graphic design, audio and video development, script writing as well as general marketing strategy.


Smith Consulting helps stakeholders by shoring up the skills sets they do not possess and we train the organization to better utilize the skill sets they have.  Smith Consulting may work with stakeholders in an ongoing way or provide training so the organization can continue with complete in-house control for ongoing campagins.


About Smith Consulting


Smith Consulting has functioned as Smith Music in Morinville Alberta for more than 23 years and has managed digital marketing for some of the province’s biggest concerts, Canadian Hall Of Fame acts as well as many not for profit organizations.  When the pandemic launched the digital world 10 years into the future overnight in March 2020, Smith Consulting was born.  Not because we advertised, but because people knew us from the successful campaigns we have run.  The name change was necessary as Smith Consulting began running digital marketing campaigns for municipalities, agriculture and oil companies as well as helping small busniesses survive.  The marketing principles we developed in the concert industry have proven equally effective in small and large businesses as well as government and non-profit sectors.

Smith Consulting is the trusted choice to stream your event. Our experience streaming weddings, funerals, concerts, press, corporate and government events makes us reliable.  We work with organizers to ensure every detail is worked out in advance for a smooth event.  

Our systems can be scaled from one camera or multiple cameras. We integrate professional audio with video screens and projectors when virtual attendees need to be seen in a venue with live attendees. 

Smith Consulting six Camera

In-house live stream set up. 

Managing the Rainmaker concert series. (Aaron Pritchett) headlining. 

Filming a video series

for "Guerilla Interviewing"

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